Choose Ultra Dry Roofing for Trustworthy and Skilled Roofing Services!

Ultra Dry Roofing was established by a trio of seasoned roofing professionals boasting over two decades of expertise in the home improvement field. Our primary objective is to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Our dedicated team is enthusiastic about assisting customers in maintaining their roofs in pristine condition.

Immaculate Roofing Services We Offer

Why should you choose Ultra Dry Roofing?

  • We Use The Best Roofing Materials
  • We are a proud Partner of GAF, one of the largest shingle manufacturers in the country with 2 manufacturing facilities in Indiana.
  • We proudly offer the GAF Timberline HDZ shingle, renowned for its top-tier architectural quality and unmatched curb appeal.
  • We Offer The Best New Roof Warranty
  • We go above and beyond as we extend the standard 25-year warranty to a 50-year warranty.
  • We extend coverage beyond the standard warranty to include items not typically covered, such as depreciation and wear and tear.
  • We Offer the Best Prices in Indianapolis
  • Our company’s higher profit margin stems from increased profit-oriented practices, while our competitors share similar labor and material costs.
  • We have minimized profit margins to ensure you receive the most equitable pricing and the best services.

Call us at (317) 449-7663 to schedule a free roof inspection today!

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