How to Get Insurance to Pay for Your Roof Replacement 

Understanding the Roof Damage Insurance Claim Process

We know you have a busy life, and the roof insurance claim process can be confusing and inconvenient.

That’s why we help you handle the entire process. From the initial roof inspection to the insurance adjuster meeting to the actual roof replacement, we are with you every step of the way. Here are the steps for a roof insurance claim:

Roofing Insurance Process

January 1

Step 1: Get a Roof Inspection

Getting a Roof Inspection Indiana
  1. Get a roof inspection from a certified roofing expert at Ultra Dry Roofing.
  2. Our team is trained to understand exactly what type of damage insurance companies are looking for.
  3. We consult with you about the extent of the damages and show you pictures of what was found during the inspection.

February 16

Step 2: File an Insurance Claim

insurance claim form
  1. Your Ultra Dry Roofing contractor will provide you with an easy-to-understand explanation of the damages.
  2. They will let you know if your roof replacement will be covered by insurance
  3. Call your insurance company and use this information to file a claim.
  4. You will receive a claim number that same day.
March 17

Step 3: Meet with an Insurance Adjuster

roofing insurance adjuster meeting indiana
  1. Your insurance company will call back in a few days to schedule a meeting with an insurance adjuster to assess roof damage.
  2. Let your Ultra Dry Roofing contractor when the meeting is, so they can be on-site to talk directly with the insurance adjuster and advocate for you.
  3. It is important that an Ultra Dry Roofing contractor is present during this inspection because the adjuster might miss some of the roofing damage.
April 14

Step 4: Receive Your Insurance Claim Approval

getting approved for roof replacement
  1. The insurance adjuster will then approve your claim and provide you with an estimate for the damages. This is the amount your insurance company is willing to pay for the roofing replacement.
  2. Your insurance company will mail you a check for the initial down payment.
May 18

Step 5: Get Your Roof Replacement

roof replacement indianapolis
  1. Ultra Dry Roofing will replace your roof for the same amount that your insurance company agreed to pay.
  2. This means your only expense is your insurance deductible.
  3. The only thing left to do is pick out your shingle colors and roof installation date!
  4. You will receive the remainder of your insurance payment on completion of the roof replacement.

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