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Roof Repair Insurance Claims

If your home was recently damaged by a storm, we can help you with your hail damage repair insurance claim – every step of the way. 

What Do I Need to Know About Roof Repair Insurance Claims?

We specialize in dealing with insurance companies from start to finish.

From helping you file your claim, to meeting with your insurance adjuster when they come to inspect the property, Ultra Dry Roofing is with you every step of the way.

Roof Repair Insurance Claims
  • What happens during the initial roof inspection?

    When we do an inspection, we provide photos of any damage that we find at no cost, and give you an honest assessment of the extent of the damages.

  • What will I find out from the roof inspection?

    After the inspection, we will either give you a clean bill of health, recommend any minor repairs that we noticed, or recommend that we start the claims process if the damages warrant involving the insurance company.

  • How does the insurance claims process work?

    Once you file a claim with your insurance company, they will send out an insurance adjuster to assess the damages.

    Ultra Dry Roofing will meet with your insurance adjuster when they come to inspect the property to go over the damages that we found. This is important that we are there at the time of inspection because the adjuster might miss some of the roof damage.

    It is our job to advocate for you to make sure that doesn’t happen.

How does the insurance claims process work?
  • How much do I pay if the insurance company agrees to replace the roof?

    Once the insurance company agrees to replace the roof, the process is pretty simple.

    The insurance company will build an estimate for what they feel the scope of work should cost. This determines what they agree to pay aside from your deductible.

    We agree to do the work for what the insurance company determines the cost should be (Replacement Cost Value), so your only out-of-pocket expense would be your deductible.

  • Does that mean I get lower-quality materials?

    With our “No Upsell Guarantee,” we are already giving you the highest quality materials.

    • Best quality shingle (GAF Timberline HDZ architectural shingle)
    • Best ridge ventilation system (GAF Cobra ridge ventilation)
    • 50 year warranty at no additional cost (GAF System Plus Warranty)
  • What are the next steps once I decide to move forward with the roof replacement?

    Once the insurance company has given you an estimate, the only thing left for you to do is pick your shingle colors and installation date!

    We have made it our mission to make this process extremely easy on the homeowner.

Ultra Dry Roofing - No Upsell Guarantee

Our “No Upsell” Guarantee

Since we include the shingle, ventilation, and warranty upgrades, we literally have nothing to “upsell” you.

No more haggling with sales reps!

CAUTION! Don’t Let Just Anyone “Hop on Your Roof” to Take a Look

Make sure that they are insured and reputable.

If they aren’t insured, and someone were to fall and get injured, that responsibility could fall on you, the homeowner.

There are also less reputable individuals in this market that have been known to actually CAUSE damage while doing their inspection, so we advise you to be present at the time of the initial inspection.

Roof Repair Insurance Claim in 3 Easy Steps

Ultra Dry can help you with your roof insurance claims if you live in Indianapolis or surrounding metro cities. We do our absolute best  make the process of assessing if Insurance will cover a new roof with hail, wind or other storm damage. Furthermore, we can help file a roof replacement claim with your insurance company to ensure you come out on top. Contact us to learn more or schedule a free storm damage inspection.

Ultra Dry Roofing send a skilled roofing tradesman to your house.

1. We send a skilled roofing tradesman to your house.

Our roofing expert comes to your house to assess the damages.

We show you pictures of what was found during the inspection and discuss our findings.

We also offer a no contact option for those who are more comfortable.

Ultra Dry Roofing help with every step of the roof insurance claim process.

2. We help with every step of the roof insurance claim process.

If the damages justify involving your insurance company, we walk you through each step.

From helping you file the claim to meeting with your insurance adjuster to point out the damages we found, we ensure the process runs smoothly.

Your only out-of-pocket expense for a new roof is your deductible.

3. Your only out-of-pocket expense for a new roof is your deductible.

If the insurance company agrees to replace the roof, we do the work for the same amount that the insurance company determines the replacement cost value.

We always honor our “no upsell” guarantee.

Customer Reviews


The team from Ultra Dry roofing took great care of us, & I’m very happy with the results! Our curb appeal is way up. Josh recommended great products & services, including adding a ridge vent.

Ultra Dry helped me through the insurance claim process resulting from hail damage & made sure we also updated any decking suffering from regular wear & tear before putting on the new roofing. The installation was quick, clean & painless.

My cooling costs in the summer actually dropped quite a lot!

– Sarah F.

Why Should I Hire Ultra Dry Roofing?

There are many roof repair & replacement companies in Indianapolis, but Ultra Dry is the only Indy roofing company that provides the best roof repair services at the best possible price without any negotiation necessary. Below, you can read the details of how we are able to offer the best Indianapolis roofing deal on top quality new roof installations. We are putting the client first at every phase from roof inspection to roof warranty.

Ultra Dry Roofing Uses The Best Roofing Materials in Indianapolis IN

Residential Roofing Quality Materials

Ultra Dry Roofing knows that quality residential roof replacements use the best quality roofing materials. High-quality shingles are always included at no extra cost to you. We never try to sell you shingle upgrades like most other companies do.

  • Proud Partner of GAF, one of the largest shingle manufacturers in the country with 2 manufacturing facilities right here in Indiana. 
  • We feature their Timberline HDZ shingle, the highest grade architectural shingle with the best curb appeal that they offer without going to a “designer” shingle.  
  • We truly can’t say enough good things about the quality and support this company has given us.

BEST Roof Replacement Warranty

Ultra Dry Roofing offers the best new roof warranty available in Indianapolis.  If you live in Indianapolis or surrounding metro area, we are upgrading your home with a roof to keep Indiana weather outside. That is why Ultra Dry offers the best roof replacement warranty in Indy. We aim to go above and beyond other Indy roofing companies to provide an upgraded warranty at no extra cost to you. Ultra Dry will never upsell higher warranties to you after the job is complete.

  • Upgraded Systems Plus warranty is included with every install at no extra cost 
  • We extend the standard 25-year warranty to a 50-year warranty.  
  • We cover things that the standard, “out-of-the-box” warranty does not cover, such as depreciation and tear-off.
Quality Roofing Company Warranty - Ultra Dry Roofing
Best Roofing Company in Indianapolis IN

BEST Roof Replacement Price in Indianapolis

Although price shouldn’t be the only thing you consider, it is undoubtedly factors into the decision to hire a roof replacement contractor.  We guarantee you are getting the best roof replacement pricing in Indy. As an added bonus, Ultra Dry also offers the best roofing expertise you can find at any price point.

Ultra Dry’s roofing experience helped us identify that other roofing companies maximize profits on ever roof install at the customer’s expense. We saw that everyone wins if we don’t upsell or inflate pricing. Ultra Dry reduces our residential roof replacement cost by minimize wasteful spending, cutting out unnecessary middlemen, & placing the customer interest first which earns their respect & trust. This mutual respect is worth more than upselling. 

  • Other roof replacement companies have about the same overhead for labor and materials, but a lot more greed.
  • Ultra Dry Roofing guarantees profit margins are set as low as possible to make sure you get the fairest price so that everyone wins. This is our grassroots effort to earn respect which helps with roofing referrals & positive reviews. 
  • If you do find roof replacement company in Indy area who is willing to give you a better price, let us know. Also, you might want to check that roofing company’s reputation. We make sure our roof replacement deal is the best, so a cheaper deal may mean that corners are being cut.

How Do I Know I'm Getting An Honest Price On My Roof Repair?

We DO NOT ever incentivize our sales reps to upsell.

Almost every other roofing company in Indianapolis incentivice sales reps to get you to pay more than a fair price for the service provided.

That is part of the reason that home improvement contractors in general have a bad reputation.

When Ultra Dry Roofing gives an estimate, the price is the price and it doesn’t go up because the sales representative thinks he can get them to pay more.

We always honor our “No Upsell Guarantee”!

Choose Your High-Quality Shingles

There are many roofing companies in Indianapolis, but we truly believe you will have the BEST experience if you choose our trustworthy and skilled roofers for your roofing needs.




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Hunter Green

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