Roof Replacement Checklist

Roof Replacement Checklist: Prepare for Your Roof Replacement and Find the Right Roofing Contractor

There are a number of reasons you might want to replace your roof. Maybe you’ve noticed leaking or other damage to your roof over the past month. Perhaps your roof is simply old and in need of replacement. Or maybe you’re looking to remodel or sell your home, and you’re looking to increase curb appeal with a new roof.

Why replace your roof?

One of the most common reasons to replace a roof is storm damage. Bad storms can blow shingles or other parts of your roof off or lead to additional damage, such as fallen branches or trees. When heavy branches or trees fall on a roof, it can often be a better idea to replace the entire roof rather than rely on spot repairs. This is, of course, dependent on the severity of damage caused by the storm or fallen branch.

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends that homeowners assess roof damage from the ground.  The NRCA also recommends consulting a professional roofing contractor for additional assessment or repairs rather than trying to complete repairs independently.

When to replace your roof

In general, you will want to replace your roof anytime it has been damaged in a way that affects its ability to keep your home interior safe from the elements. This damage can occur from storms or over time as your roof naturally wears down.

PreparationChoose the right roofing contractor

Before jumping right into replacing your roof, you want to ensure that your roof needs replacement. This is the first step in the roof replacement checklist. If you are unsure whether your roof needs replacement or repair, you can contact a roofing company for an inspection. If you are in the Indianapolis area, you can contact Ultra Dry Roofing for a fast and free inspection.

Choose the right roofing contractor

After determining whether or not your roof needs replacement, you can start looking for a contractor. There are many different roofing companies that you can choose from. When selecting a roofing company or contractor, you will want to look for a trusted local contractor. These organizations are often better suited for roof repair and replacement because they are familiar with your area and what would be the best options for your home.

Get your home insurance in order

Replacing a roof can be extremely expensive. Luckily, home insurance will often cover roof replacements due to damage — such as storm damage or natural wear. However, it is crucial to ensure that your insurance is all in order before going ahead with the roof replacement so you can know beforehand precisely what is covered and what is not.

Make sure your roof is ready for replacement

The final step in the roof replacement checklist is ensuring that the area is prepared for the roofers to work correctly. Move any obstacles, furniture, or other items away from your home so the roofers can access your roof efficiently. Things could fall from the roof during the roof replacement, and to prevent damage to your items, it is best to move them away from the house — or inside the house.


So, if you have recently had a bad storm or you’re feeling like it is time to replace your roof, it may be time to contact a roofing professional. You can contact Ultra Dry Roofing today for a no-hassle roofing inspection that can help you decide if it is time to replace your roof.

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