Schedule Roof Inspection

Answer a few easy questions to schedule your roofing inspection.

What happens during the initial roof inspection?

When we do an inspection, we provide photos of any damage that we find at no cost, and give you an honest assessment of the extent of the damages

What will I find out from the roof inspection?

After the inspection, we will either give you a clean bill of health, recommend any minor repairs that we noticed, or recommend that we start the claims process if the damages warrant involving the insurance company.

CAUTION! Don’t Let Just Anyone “Hop on Your Roof” to Take a Look

Make sure that they are insured and reputable.

If they aren't insured, and someone were to fall and get injured, that responsibility could fall on you, the homeowner.

There are also less reputable individuals in this market that have been known to actually CAUSE damage while doing their inspection, so we advise you to be present at the time of the initial inspection.