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What Causes Roof Damage? 5 Common Causes that Lead to Roof Failure

What is a roof leak?

The dictionary definition of “leak” is an unintended hole or crack that allows liquid, gas, or light to pass through.

When you think about the purpose of a roof — to keep the interior of our homes safe from the elements — a leak in a roof is something that should be repaired immediately. A roof leak not only limits your roof’s ability to properly perform its job of keeping your home insulated and safe from the weather but also can lead to further damage down the line.

What are the five most common causes of roof leaks?

The unfortunate truth is that roofs fail or develop leaks quite often. Here we will look at 5 of the most common causes of roof failures.

1. Winter weather

The first cause of roof damage is winter weather.

Snow and ice

While snow may look like a beautiful, soft, and fluffy blanket when it coats the ground, it can actually cause a great deal of damage to your roof. This is because snow and ice are both solid forms of water — which can get very heavy. When these sit on top of your roof, they can cause warping and even break areas of your roof.

Ice is also problematic because it takes up more space than water. So, if water can get between your shingles or other areas of your roof and then freezes, it can break connections and separate your roofing. This can lead to breakage or leaks.

Wind damage

Another common type of damage that comes with winter weather is wind damage. Blizzards and other snowstorms can get pretty windy, leading to shingles blowing off roofs or branches or trees falling onto your roof.

2. Storms

The second common cause of roof damage is storms.

High winds

Like blizzards, storms can bring incredibly high winds and lead to fallen trees or branches. These can all cause damage to your roof, resulting in a leak.


Another part of stormy weather that can cause damage to your roof is hail. Hail can be small or very large; when it comes down, it can leave dents in cars, signs, and roofs.

3. Poor installation

Unfortunately, not all roof installations are done by experienced professionals. When an amateur or a bad roofer installs a roof, it is much more likely to develop leaks and failures before its “lifespan” is over.

To avoid this, make sure to consult only professional and experienced roofing contractors like Ultra Dry Roofing.

4. Age

Just like any other type of construction, roofs will deteriorate over time. This means that eventually — even if it has never suffered weather or further damage — it will develop leaks and require a roof repair or replacement.

5. Lack of Maintenance

The final common cause for a roof fail is lack of maintenance. Many people forget about roof maintenance because it is not something we always look at. It is also quite challenging to get on top of a roof to give it the cleaning and maintenance it may need. However, this lack of maintenance can, and often does, lead to roof failure or leaks.

If you want to avoid damage caused by a lack of maintenance, make sure to keep your gutters clean, remove debris from your roof, and get regular roof inspections.


ConclusionSchedule Roof Inspection

These are, of course, not the only causes of roof leaks, but they are 5 of the most common. Unfortunately, damage due to weather or natural aging is not within our power to control since the natural world dictates them. However, installation and maintenance are two areas that we can manage to elongate the lifespan of our roof as much as possible.

So, when you are considering re-roofing your home, make sure that you contact a reputable and experienced roofer like Ultra Dry Roofing. Also, make sure to schedule regular maintenance and inspections so you can know about any issues before they cause lasting damage.

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